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ABRET Self Assessment Program (ASAP) Now Available!

ASAP is now available


ABRET is pleased to announce ASAP, the ABRET Self Assessment Program! 

ASAP is an online tool for candidates to assess their knowledge for each of ABRET’s six examinations. Once purchased, the candidate will have unlimited access to practice exams, resources, and instant detailed results. Each candidate will have their own Dashboard, which will assist them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and allow them to key in on areas requiring additional study.

custom dashboard 2 for ABRET.jpg

When will ASAP be available?
Our anticipated launch date is April 11, 2016!

How much will ASAP cost?
$69.99 per exam for 1 month unlimited access
$154.97 per exam for 3 months unlimited access

Is ASAP replacing the current ABRET Practice Exam offered through PTC?
Yes. We feel that ASAP will be a much more valuable tool for anyone looking to take an ABRET exam.

How many questions are there?
Our goal is to have a database of revolving questions. New questions will also be added throughout the year.

How much time will a practice exam take?
Each set of practice questions is fully customizable. Do you only have 15 minutes? No problem. You may select the number of questions you wish to answer.

Continue to monitor the ABRET website and our various social media platforms for updates, FAQ's and additional information!