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ABRET/ASET Announcement of Renewed Commitment

On July 21, 2018, the Officers and Executive Directors of ASET and ABRET met in Chicago for a mediated session, led by an independent facilitator, to encourage a candid conversation in order to understand and process the differences and unintended consequences of a recent divisive issue. The goal of the session was to develop a process framework for future discussion of common issues that may result in conflicting positions, and for identifying collective strategies for resolving any such conflicts. 

The principles agreed to during the session were framed as follows: (1) Assume that each organization and their respective governing bodies have good intentions for the community of neurodiagnostic professionals, and (2) Engage in candid discussions while respecting the unique fiduciary responsibilities of each organization. The framework will be incorporated into the Memorandum of Understanding which was executed in September 2017 between the two organizations.

“Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
The commitment ABRET and ASET shares to having a strong collaborative working relationship are vital to the advancement and protection of the Neurodiagnostic profession. We pledge to remain devoir to enhancing the unification of our organizations through mutual respect and support. I was truly inspired by the devotion and adoration that was exhibited by both Executive Committees during our session.” 
- Sabrina Faust, ABRET President

“ABRET and ASET have separate missions, but similar visions and values. Both organizations are dedicated to better the profession of Neurodiagnostics and desire our technologist colleagues succeed in their careers. During my tenure as ABRET Executive Director, ASET and ABRET have enjoyed a supportive and respectful relationship, and we desire that to continue through future intelligent collaboration. This is a commitment to move forward together.”
- Janice Walbert, ABRET Executive Director

“The Executive Committees of ASET and ABRET have identified and agreed on a framework for restoring the valued partnership between our two organizations that has been in place for oh so many years. Neurodiagnostic technologists, whether they are ABRET certificants, ASET members, or both, will certainly benefit from the mutually renewed commitment to cooperation and advancement of the Neurodiagnostic profession.” 
- Arlen Reimnitz, ASET Executive Director

“The Neurodiagnostic Technology landscape is constantly evolving, and now more than ever we are faced with new threats and challenges that have and will continue to impact our field in many ways. Coming together to strategize on best ways to handle those situations is essential.  I was inspired by the spirit of collaboration and desire to work together to strengthen our relationship that was demonstrated during this session.  Both, ASET and ABRET shared a commitment to maintain a strong alliance to serve our Neurodiagnostic community with respect, improved communication and unity now and for years to come”  
- Susan Agostini, ASET President