Celebrating over 55 Years of Credentialing Technologists

Notice to ABRET Lifetime Certificants

ABRET desires to have the ABRET credentialing examinations nationally accredited. The CNIM and CLTM credentialing programs have already earned accreditation. The EEG and EP programs are currently not eligible because lifetime certificates were issued between 1964-2001.

It has become increasingly important to have our credentialing programs accredited by a third party to protect the integrity of the ABRET credentials and to maintain the recognition we all need in the healthcare industry.

The ABRET Board of Directors has come up with a relatively simple method designed to cause the least amount of disruption and confusion for lifetime certificants.

1)     On 1/1/2019 all lifetime certificates will revert to an expiration of 12/31/2023. By this date, you must apply for recertification by submitting 30 continuing education hours and the recertification fee. You will then be issued a new certificate with your original credential number showing an expiration of 12/31/2028. At this point you will have entered the recertification process and going forward will submit the required number of education hours every 5 years.

2)     If you are retired and no longer work in the field, notify the Executive Office to have your expiration listed as Emeritus. You will retain your R. EEG T. or R. EP T. designation, whether you had a lifetime credential or a credential with an expiration date. This designation gives you recognition for earning the credential but signifies that you are no longer active/current in the field, rather than labeling your credential as “Expired”.

3)     If you do not recertify your credential by 12/31/23, your credential will be listed as “Expired”.

Visit the ABRET website and view the Recertification Handbook for additional information on renewing your credential.