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ABRET Announces a One-Part EEG Exam!

ABRET is pleased to announce another opportunity to earn R. EEG T. credentials faster!

The EEG credentialing examinations will be moving from two exams to one in 2018. 

Since 1964 the R. EEG T. credential required success on two examinations; initially a written exam and an oral exam.

In 2012, the oral examination process was replaced with a second written examination focused on clinical application.

The plan to move to one examination has been in place since 2012.

The content of the credentialing examination will not change, only the delivery.

The new 2018 R. EEG T. Content Outline is available here.
2018 R. EEG T. Candidate Handbook


Here are some of the specifics of the transition.

  • ŸCandidates will only be able to sign up for the current Part I EEG examination until mid-September. If this deadline is met, the candidate will be given the typical 3-month window in which to schedule and test.
  • Candidates needing to use Pathway IV are encouraged to begin the credentialing process by mid-September. After January 1, 2018, individuals who have not passed EEG Part I and are unable to meet an Eligibility Pathway will need to petition their eligibility. See the online form.
  • Applications for the new examination will be available in mid-December, and the exam will be offered starting in January 2018. The Part II EEG examination will continue to be available until the end of 2017.
  • After January 1, 2018, candidates in the credentialing process who have already passed the Part I examination, will need to take the new examination at the discounted price of $350. Three attempts will be offered at this rate. 
  • The cost of the new one-part R. EEG T. examination will be $700.
  • Upon successful completion of the 250-item examination use of the R. EEG T. will awarded for 5 years.


How does this affect me?

1) If you have already passed Part I, apply for Part II as planned.

2) If you were planning to register for Part I after September 15, 2017, either apply earlier or wait for the new one-part exam. There will be no difference in cost.

3) If you have not successfully completed Part II by January 1, 2018, you take the new exam at the reduced rate of $350, for a maximum of 3 attemps.

ABRET hopes this will streamline the credentialing process and have a positive influence on the technologist shortage.