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FAQ for Lifetime Credentials

Notice to ABRET Lifetime Certificants

ABRET is not taking away credentials; however, as of 2023, you will need to document that you are keeping current in the field in which you are credentialed. This is standard practice for all allied health fields.

ABRET has never “grandfathered” anyone. Everyone who holds ABRET credentials took an examination. This term is often misused. Grandfathering implies that something was awarded without going through the standard process.

ABRET owns your credential. You have been awarded the use of this credential as long as requirements are met. You have obligations as an ABRET-credentialed technologist.

ABRET has given a 6-year notification that individuals holding lifetime credentials will need to enter the recertification cycle. The first 30 continuing education hours will not be due until December 31, 2023, and must have been earned after August 1, 2017. 

ABRET has a Recertification Handbook available on the website. The Handbook outlines acceptable continuing education. ABRET is fairly generous when it comes to the types of continuing education that may be submitted to meet the recertification requirement.


Why is ABRET doing this?

ABRET needs to have all credentialing programs accredited to achieve the level of legitimacy and professionalism required and expected in allied health. Lifetime credentials are not acceptable to any accreditation board.

Professional accreditation will have an impact on state statutes and licensure acts, which our professional organization has set as a goal for all states.

ABRET has a global presence and needs accreditation in order to be recognized by many foreign governments.


How will this impact me?

You will need to contact ABRET and update your contact information so you receive timely notices.  You will be provided a log-in for Credential Manager on ABRET’s website.

You will need to submit 30 hours of continuing education related to your credential no later than December 31, 2023. See the ABRET Recertification Handbook for more information on acceptable continuing education. There are many reasonable options.

You might decide not to participate in this process if you are already retired (see information on Emeritus Status); are planning to retire by December 31, 2023; or if you are no longer working in the field, or no longer using your credential.


Can ABRET legally change this requirement? Absolutely. Many organizations have gone through this same process of converting credentials with no expiration to time-limited credentials. 

If you have additional questions, feel free to email the office.