Celebrating 55 Years of Credentialing Technologists

Voluntary Recertification

ABRET recognizes that technologists earning EEG and EP credentials prior to 1997 were awarded credentials that do not expire. However, ABRET supports the concept of voluntary recertification for technologists awarded credentials prior to the start of mandatory recertification.

ABRET’s goal for recertification is to encourage technologists to maintain their credential through participation in educational activities. The overall goal of recertification is to maintain a level of knowledge, skills, and competency; to continue to learn and keep up with current trends and technology.

ABRET believes that credentialed technologists need to take responsibility for maintaining adequate knowledge and skills in their registry area. Neurodiagnostic Technologists need to be responsible health care providers by keeping up with current advances.

Technologists voluntarily entering the recertification program will have the option of retaking the written exam (current written exam fees will apply) OR submitting documentation of continuing education (current continuing education hours required for recertifying each credential will apply.)

Technologists opting into the voluntary recertification program will revert from life-time to time-limited credentials and be issued a new certificate. Recertifying technologists will be required to recertify according to the current recertification program rules for credential(s) earned.